Welcome to GROWashington-Aroostook!

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GROWashington-Aroostook is a regional planning process focused on job creation, modern infrastructure, and healthy, affordable communities in the counties of Aroostook and Washington, here in northeastern Maine.

Staff and Work Teams in 12 planning areas (listed at left; icons on right) developed plans for increasing median income, a road map for sustainable housing, and training in workforce development. They created on-line mapping tools, data sets and example policies to help municipalities with the demands of local government. Click through here for links to on-line GIS mapping tools for Washington County.

Many partnerships, volunteers and academics contributed their time and expertise.

As much as possible this plan lives on-line - on this web site - and is available for use and update into the future.

Executive Summaries provide a road map to guide you into each plan area. Alternatively just start clicking links; some work products are large documents, some are spreadsheets to help prioritize investments; others are videos to help describe the sometimes dry material (like alternative septic system designs!) or successful Brownfields redevelopment; while others provide sophisticated on-line mapping of storm surge scenarios or on-line parcel and planners maps customized to each Washington County municipality.

Municipalities in Washington County in particular have on-line access to digital information (parcels, infrastructure, facilities, planning districts, storm surge scenarios) that was formerly in many different locations. This on-line digital platform provides a foundation for growth. The funds from the HUD Sustainable Communities grant that funded GROWashington-Aroostook are now gone but project partners (WCCOG, UMM-GIS Service Center in Washington County) are making a long term commitment to keeping the information current, relevant and a cumulative resource for Washington County.

We welcome your feedback at info@gro-wa.org - thank you.