Brownfields & Economic Renewal

Workgroup Information

Primary Contacts

In Aroostook County:

Jay Kamm

In Washington County:

Judy East

Building on several years of brownfields re-development in both counties, this task will increase re-development of the best of our past - on the waterfront, in our downtown centers - and bring neglected land back into the economy. 

Desired Outcomes

  • Increase in the median household income and stem population loss
  • Alignment of federal planning and investment resources that mirror the local and regional strategies for achieving sustainable communities
  • Increase the share of residential and commercial construction on underutilized infill development sites that encourage revitalization, while minimizing displacement in neighborhoods with significant disadvantaged populations
  • Reduce social and economic disparities for the low income and communities of color within the target region

Progress to Date

An additional $800,000 of Brownfields Site Assessment funds were awarded to the Washington County Council of Governments ($400,000) and to the Northern Maine Development Commission ($400,000) in June of 2012 ensuring that these successful programs will continue for another 3 years. 

Then again in 2014, WCCOG received and additionall $400,000 in Assessment funds for both petroleum and hazardous materials sites; and NMDC received an additional $200,000 in Assessment funds for Hazardous Materials sites.

With the continutation of both programs Regional Advisory Committees in both counties have expanded to include greater participation from towns and the development community. Click on the following links for:

Brownfields Advisory committee membership in Washington County

Brownfields Advisory committee membership in Aroostook County

The Brownfields Assessment programs in each county are described in detail on their respective web pages - click on the following links: Washington County Brownfields Program; Aroostook County Brownfields Program.

The GROWashington-Aroostook project provides both counties with additional resources to describe successful redevelopment and develop outreach tools to encourage more landowners to make use of the Brownfields program.