Workgroup Information Economic Development

Increase Median Household Income

Long Term Outcome:

Increase in median household income; stem population loss

Work Plan Tasks

Description Deliverable Timeframe
Map existing connections between training/education resources and businesses Training/education and business connection plan developed July - October 2012
Involve local resources in identifying indigenous assets which could be used for business expansion opportunities Meetings held in each county October, 2012 - March, 2013
Update business database for two county region and mail needs survey to existing businesses Database and needs survey created September 2011 - November, 2012
Draft survey of training needs for service providers to use with business clients Survey used by service providers in both counties December, 2012
Engagement of businesses, training institutions, business service providers in identifying new opportunities, areas of growth, needs for assistance Facilitate working group to develop strategies to address identified needs March, 2013
Explore ways to create better connection between businesses and students in training/education programs Create draft training/education plan to address needs and to create additional mentoring and work/study programs November, 2013