Growth Management Law Change

Workgroup Information

Primary Contacts

In Aroostook County:

Jay Kamm

In Washington County:

Judy East

Relieving the burden on small local planning committees, this task is focused on creation and adoption of regional data and policy. Each town then ties the regional data and policy to its local comprehensive land use plan.

Desired Outcomes

  • Creation of shared elements in regional transportation, housing, water, energy, capital investment planning, healthy communities, and air quality plans tied to local comprehensive land use
  • Participate in Growth Management Law rule-making to allow adoption of regional plans by reference in local Comprehensive Plans
  • Alignment of federal planning and investment resources that mirror the local and regional strategies for achieving sustainable communities
  • Regional and community initiatives that reflect common direction based on a common vision

Progress to Date

On-line mapping access for all Washington County towns to:

In addition, using the data, analysis and policies from the GROWashington-Aroostook regional planning initative, Washington County municipalties can download and customize templates on Regional Coordination and Regional Policies to their specific circumstances here:

Revisions to the Criteria Rule (Chapter 208) that is used to review local Comprehensive Plans under Maine's Growth Management Act (30-A MRSA, Chapter 187) were adopted on August 6, 2011. Testimony from several regional councils including Judy East of WCCOG sought to allow adoption of regional data sets and policies. Judy East's comments specifically noted the allowance in "Section 2, part 5 (Topic Area Components) for regional data and regional planning elements to replace Topic Area Components. This will significantly reduce the burden of re-creating or repeating the creation of this material in local town Comprehensive Plans. The new definition for an “Adopted Region Plan” will both recognize their creation and encourage municipal participation in drafting them".