Workgroup Information Climate Change & Infrastructure Resilience

Long Term Outcome:

Comprehensive evaluation of likely climate change impacts to the region.

Work Plan Tasks - Both counties (additional Detailed Work Plan - Aroostook County)

Description Deliverable Timeframe
Assemble Climate Change and Infrastructure Working Group Engagement of partners in model development, assembly of existing data (infrastructure and base sea level and flood zones) for trends and futures analysis July, 2011
Obtain LIDAR and improved flood hazard data for Washington County coastline and inland areas of both counties Data sets and GIS coverages obtained and in use for study area Sept, 2011
obtain Community Viz software; orient GIS students to overall project runs of local (Community Viz) models in coastal communities available for review and analysis June, 2011
outreach to coastal communities on sea level rise modeling and flood hazard modeling anticipated impacts of sea level rise including mapping, infrastructure impacts and hazard mitigation responses Jan-Dec 2013
regional models under development by GIS staff and advanced GIS students for inland flood impacts regional models for use in scenario planning Jan-Dec 2013 
Development of infrastructure impact analysis based on model output including implications of moving, replacing or renovating infrastructure regional models for use in scenario planning Jan-Dec 2013