Executive Summaries

Maine Fresh Seafood Processing The GROWashington-Aroostook regional planning initiative seeks to create jobs, especially for those most in need; it seeks to keep more money in the pockets of all households; and to capitalize on the extraordinary beauty of our region.

GROWashington–Aroostook is a plan that is at once about the facts and figures we need to make decisions and the people at the table who work together to make those decisions - all representative of northeastern Maine

GROWashington-Aroostook is an opportunity for the people of our 2 counties to embrace the future – to develop renewable energy and food sources and to shrink the distances between home, work and the world – through improved communication networks, better transportation options for the elderly, and stronger partnerships.

GROWashington-Aroostook coordinated with the Mobilize Maine economic development planning efforts in Aroostook and Washington Counties and has adopted the following:

Regional Vision for the Aroostook Washington Economic Development District

Downeast Coastal MaineOur region is a place of abundant natural resources that is reflected in the beauty of our landscape and the potential for economic and social prosperity it offers.  We value the individuality and endurance of our people while recognizing the strong sense of community and place that sustains us.  We will create economic growth by focusing on sectors that best leverage these assets and by working to develop policies that promote private sector investment; while at the same time, retaining the quality of life that makes the region special.


Executive Summaries

Some of the GROWashington-Aroostook Plan Components were prepared for each county while others were prepared for the entire two county region. Links to the Executive Summaries for each Plan Component follow as they were prepared:

Both Counties

Washington County GIS Projects PosterIntroduction - Overview, Governance, Alignment of Local, State & Federal Resources

Vision and Outreach Summary

Growth Management Law Change

Economic Development

Modernizing Communications/Electric Utility Infrastructure

Renewable Energy & Related Training

Water Infrastructure Investment

Workforce Development

County-Specific Executive Summaries

GIS Projects Summary - Washington County

Quick links to on-line GIS mapping tools in Washington County

Brownfields and Economic Renewal - Aroostook County

Brownfields and Economic Renewal - Washington County

Climate Change and Infrastructure Resilience - Aroostook County

Climate Change and Infrastructure Resilience - Washington County

Healthy Communities - Aroostook County

Healthy Communities - Washington County

Housing and Transportation - Aroostook County

Housing and Transportation - Washington County

Sustainable Housing - Aroostook County

Sustainable Housing - Washington County

Transportation Infrastructure in Support of Economic Development - Aroostook County

Transportation Infrastructure in Support of Economic Development - Washington County