Renewable Energy & Related Training

Workgroup Information

Primary Contacts

In Washington County:

Judy East

Working simultaneously in both counties and with the Local Workforce Investment Board, the Renewable Energy Plan seeks to identify, support and grow renewable energy assets as well as the education/training options to expand renewable energy development.

Desired Outcomes

New and expanded growth in renewable energy markets resulting in significant job growth, increased average wages and wealth retention in the region.

Progress to Date

Renewable Energy has been an area of focus for the Mobilize Maine asset-based planning process in northern Maine since 2010.

Regional planning in renewable energy in Washington County provides region-wide context and policy recommendations. 

The review of renewable energy options includes solar, geothermal, hydro/tidal, wind and biomass.  More than 20 “working group” meetings have been held over the past three years discussing different renewable energy options with more than 60 energy-related businesses eventually participating in those discussions. 

The underlying assumption is that expanded investment and deployment of renewable energy, if found to be cleaner and more affordable than existing fuels and systems, would benefit Maine residents and businesses, who currently rely on fossil fuels for heat and electricity to a much greater extent than the average American or the average New Englander.  These meetings examined investments, challenges, and opportunities – real and anticipated – in relation to renewable power, its sources, networks, mechanical systems, costs, and workforce requirements. These working groups are made up of businesses and individuals that are directly involved in the energy fields and who were able to bring their expertise and perspective to particular energy topics.