Workgroup Information Brownfields & Economic Renewal

Long Term Outcome:

Increase the share of residential and commercial construction on underutilized infill development sites that encourage revitalization, while minimizing displacement in neighborhoods with significant disadvantaged populations

Work Plan Tasks

Description Deliverable Timeframe
Convene/expand meetings of existing regional brownfields advisory groups in each County Regular meetings with expanded representation from re-development community July, 2012 - November 2013
Identify and map redevelopment opportunities relative to disadvantaged populations Coordinate mapping of redevelopment opportunities with infrastructure improvements (water, telecom, renewable energy, BF) October, 2012
Seek additional BF assessment funds & BF clean up funds Implement USEPA assessment and clean up initiatives; coordinate with CDBG and Regional Plan vision September 2011 - November, 2012
Develop videos of Brownfields re-development processess and opportunities for local Planning Boards Provide technical assistance to local Planning Boards on regulatory review of redevelopment opportunities July - December, 2012
Coordinate regional housing, transportation, economic development and infrastructure plans with redevelopment obstacles and opportunities Integrated regional planning document with complimentary policies across substantive topics March, 2013
Re-development information for regional planning data and policy input to address GM Law requirements for economic development components of local Comp Plans Regional plan that can be adopted by individual municipalities to address part of the economic development requirements of GM Law  November, 2013