Workgroup Information Modernizing Communications / Electric Utility Infrastructure

Long Term Outcome:

Modernize and develop additional capacity for electric and communications infrastructure.

Work Plan Tasks

Description Deliverable Timeframe
Assemble working groups in a) electrical transmission infrastructure and b) broadband infrastructure Convene industry groups and stakeholders to discuss current state of infrastructure July - October 2012
Identify projects taking place in region (e.g.. 3 Ring Binder) and determine what investment is needed Prioritized infrastructure investments (CIP) that support critical economic growth sectors October, 2012 - March, 2013
Integrate public and private investments with other infrastructure needs (water, transportation, renewable energy) and sustainability objectives Scenario planning alternatives to visualize different placement, intensities and costs of investments September 2011 - November, 2012
Assemble regional plan using data and policy elements to address Sensible Transportation Policy Act and Growth Management Law Regional plan that can be adopted by individual municipalities to address requirements of both statutes December, 2012