Workgroup Information Water Infrastructure Investment

Long Term Outcome:

Safe drinking water available to all residents of region

Work Plan Tasks

Description Deliverable Timeframe
Assemble Water Infrastructure Working Group Engagement of state regulators, ratepayer associations, water districts  in plan development October, 2012
Inventory existing water districts including system information; current infrastructure and 30 year capital needs estimate cost to upgrade existing systems (or bring into regulatory compliance) and to install systems where necessary November, 2012
Research methods of maintaining/creating safe drinking water systems Summary of infrastructure improvements including energy efficiency options September 2011 - November, 2012
Coordinate with alternative/community septic system research on design, regulatory and management needs to implement for infill or small village settings Assist municipalities with understanding where alternative (cluster) systems could be used to foster in-fill and low impact development July - December, 2012
Provide municipalities with funding options to upgrade, re-design, re-capitalize existing wastewater systems Technical assistance with capital improvement financing on-going
Development of capital investment plan for water infrastructure for inclusion in draft GROWashington-Aroostook regional plan
Capital Investment Plan  November, 2013