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Acadian Internship Program

During the summer of 2011 the Washington County Council of Governments sponsored the work of two student interns, Nathan Legere and Enock Zenda, as part of the Acadian Internship Program of the University of Maine School of Forest Resources.

Acadian Interns Summer of 2011

Nathan Legere and Enock Zenda (in red kayak second from right) completed research on Renewable Energies & Carbon Reduction Strategies in Washington County. Their final project report can be downloaded here.

It includes an overview of renewable energy sources and their utilization in Maine including hydroelectric, wind, tidal, solar, biomass, algae and biofuels.

They also conducted research on vehicles that use alternative fuel sources including personal vehicles and small scale commercial vehicles used by municipalities for public works purposes.

Finally their research provides information on the status of state and federal legislation and incentives for the use of alternative energy sources as well as programs to assist municipalities in choosing to implement alternative energy sources.