Sustainable Housing in Washington County Sustainable Housing in Washington County

Housing Responses - Best Practices

The Sustainable Housing Work Team in Washington County is assembling best practices from other parts of Maine, New England and beyond in an effort to address the significant gap between the housing needs of many residents and the lack of public funds to address them. In particular the Work Team is interested in programs and tools that can assist with the very high cost of home heating in Maine and the opportunity offered by reducing housing costs by improving the efficiency of the housing stock and the means by which we keep warm.

Much of that research and many of those documents are posted here for access by the Work Team including;

Rural Housing and Code Enforcement: Navigating Between Values and Housing Types by Ezra Rosser. (Committee reviewed pages 33-34;46-49 from this document); Spring 2006

On-Bill Financing for Energy Efficiency Improvements (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy) April 2012 (3.9MB PDF)

Engaging Partners in Energy Efficiency: Multifamily Housing and Utilities (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy), 2012 (1.2MB PDF)

FINAL Regional Plan Now Posted (May, 2014)

Final Regional Plan for Sustainable Housing in Washington County is available here.

Washington County Sustainable Housing Work Team

Minutes of the Sustainable Housing Work Team meetings in Washington County are available for download here.