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Regional Coordination Templates

To assist Washington County municipalities with the preparation of municipal Comprehensive Plans the Washington County Council of Governments has prepared templates that can be customized for their use.

Washington County Regional Coordination Chapter Templates

The issues facing municipalities with regional scope, implications and necessary response are extensive. Many of these issues are the subject of the GROWashington-Aroostook regional planning initiative. Individual municipalities can make use of the data and policy development provided on this web site. The Comprehensive Plan Templates prepared below for both inventory and policy draw upon the work products of the GROWashington-Aroostook initiative and include the following regional subject areas:

Regional Coordination Inventory Chapter Template (Version Date April 25, 2014 - WORD format)

Regional Coordination Policies Template (Version date March 27, 2014, WORD format)

If you would like to arrange training for your municipal Planning Board, Comprehensive Plan Committee, Code Enforcement Officer or other municipal officials on the use of these templates or the on-line Parcel Viewer or Planners Mapping tool please contact Judy East (454-0464).