Washington County Energy Planning Washington County Energy Planning

Policy Options for Municipal/County Refinement & Adoption

Both the Washington County Energy Initiative, completed in 2012, and the Down East Maine Renewable Energy Working Group provided a variety of policy options for use by Washington County and individual municipalities.

Several policy alternatives are provided below for County and/or Municipal adoption. The assertiveness of the language can be modified depending on the urgency with which each jurisdiction chooses to pursue an alternative energy strategy. Different alternatives may be more or less appropriate given the location of the municipality and the type of energy facility being supported.  Washington County municipalities can download a Washington County Regional Coordination Policies Template in MSWORD format to modify these options to their choices and circumstances.

The Policy alternatives are organized first by Goals and followed by suggested Implementing Programs:

Goal: Low-Vehicle-Use Employment Opportunities.

Facilitate employment opportunities that minimize the need for automobile trips, such as live/work, telecommuting, satellite work centers, and home occupations, in addition to mixed-use development strategies.


Goal: Decreased Energy Use.

Reduce total and per-capita nonrenewable energy waste and peak electricity demand through energy efficiency and conservation.


Goal: Increased Renewable Resource Use.

Utilize local renewable energy resources, and shift imported energy to renewable resources.


Implementing Programs: